Worry Well Workshop

I call it “mind chatter” the over worked mind that does turn off , or maybe it the analytical mind have has to delve so far in that it becomes a maze, “if i do this ….this might happen”  or maybe” I could go that way” …..”How will I pay that bill I have.”….”the mortgage is due and i don’t have the money, they will take the house and we wont have a home” …….I have the budget for work and I wont get it in on time, my boss will be so angry”

And then we think of all the scenarios, and the counter action for the scenarios. in the end the result being


kathryngene has create this workshop blending NLP communication , Hypnotherapy , with some unique remedies.

Learn to worry well, turn problems into achievements, positive and  self empowered Outcomes

  • Too much pressure 

  • Not enough time in the day

  • Sleeping badly 

  • Mind chatter 

One point most can agree on there, just too much STRESS in our lives. Learning to combat the stress and worry is a major step in good  mental health. Why not learn to worrying well , create the focus, direction and motivation. 

Learn to live today!