Lost Focus on Life

The changes you need , Kathryn Gene, Life Coach , Motivational Speaker , learn how
hypnotherapy is deeply embedded in our every day life .

Most of us have heard the saying “like and dog with a bone” , is this Focus? Interesting thought. So what is focus to you?Is there a goal that you have been trying to achieve and you just keep getting distracted, or do you procrastinate. Firstly is the goal , one that you “want” or one that you “need”. Making the differentiation between the two can prompt some interesting issues that one might not have been aware. 

This is one of the aspects that we unfold, in a process of finding your true focus and the direction to achieving the outcome. 

Marketing companies have for many years used the subliminal tactic , hypnotically directing your subconsciousness to a pathway of the product or service being sold. Have you ever had a friend say they have purchased a car and the colour is ….. and you think to yourself “you don’t see many of that colour car on the roads”  and BANG  you see heaps of them . Why because even though you are not consciously looking for the colour car, and you may have even forgotten the conversation with your friend…BUT that colour car keeps coming up! This is what we want to create for you to succeed in achieving the goal, dream, your desire!