When you say “ I have anxiety, depression, weight, I can’t get motivated , my business is stuck , 
I fear  Life itself “……I hear You !

My Philosophy

I do believe we subconsciously create our pathways. A single desire, want, dream , all requires the thought, and when you keep that thought and dream and feel it , then you start to create it ! You just have to keep the thought alive for it to grow and live .  When people are stuck, weather if in business, personal or sport, I believe in a no fuss, get in and get to the root cause and start living in the now and the future. There is no band aid approach with me , keep it simple and learn to think outside the box and beyond creating  endless possibilities with self empowerment .  Why limit your own potential?

My Story hmmmmm where do I begin ?

Where does someone begin, with their story? what pathway do I choose to start, that is the question!

My parents were really the age of Grandparents, my father died when I was 18 month old. So it was up to my Mum , to raise me and my two old sisters  6 and 9 years older. She took herself back to the Conservatory of Music in the 1960, was in her mid 50’s , from there she went on to teach  violin at 2 schools and private lessons in the evenings. I was actually very lonely as a child, teased at school and never really thought I fitted in anywhere. I remember myself sitting under a big tree on the school playground, looking at  everyone playing and I was alone. 

I married and worked with then husband in a business we created, started having the children , 5 in totally. My mum developed Alzheimer disease , in my late 20’s, it was then she told me i was adopted, and she dies very soon after, I was pregnant with baby no 4 and later search for my parents. 

All this this time was when my life would darken for about 7 years trapped with agoraphobic anxieties, no able to leave the home, panic attacks that would see the ambulance called several times. Being fed with antidepressants that would make my depression worse, drinking too much alcohol to try and hide the pain of being a useless mother, which ultimately led me down the path of suicide idealisation. 

For most people this would be a dark time in life and one to fear the mere thought , BUT for me this was actually where my life began!

My 7 years of darkness ended when I saw a Hypnotherapist  , within a few sessions I was able to function as i did once before, shopping , taking the kids to school and get more and more involved in my business. 

My business grew and grew , obtaining 2 Quality Accreditation , governments grants and exporting , becoming a preferred supplier to Motor Corporations. My manufacturing company took on new approaches, and was one of the leading in research and development. Apart from always striving to be better than we were, I also found marketing extremely interesting, taking different and sometimes unconventional ways to obtain the goals to our Companies vision. 

All the time raising my now 5 children, being  active in the  community,   reading and studying the mind and strengths of our thoughts and beliefs.

I studied and graduated in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming , Naturopathy, Suicide Intervention, Meta Coaching and volunteering at Lifeline which allowed me to gain greater knowledge and understanding .I absolutely love my speaking events for Beyond Blue and  private Speaking engagements ,to both corporate and small community groups .Due to health reason, I left the Corporate world and reinventing myself, taking all from my corporate life combining with my studies , my life experiences and passion for  Life.


If your life is like a messy jigsaw puzzle with pieces not fitting, or maybe lost, this is when the past limiting beliefs need to be quickly addressed and exchanged for a new belief system. Creating a productive routine, analysing and implementing corrective procedures that maximise the desired outcome to a new level, pushing your potential beyond any limitations. Don’t let your potential be measured by your limiting beliefs.

If you were to look at the dark place I came from the the creation of my own Endless Possibilities , and helping others to their endless Possibilities.
  • Advance Diploma of Naturopathy

  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • Diploma of Neuro-Linguistic Programming



  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills

  • Neuro Semantics

  • Meta Coach

  • NSSI – Non Suicidal Self Injury

  • Crisis Support DFV

  • MHFA-mental Health First aid

Statements of Attainment:
  • Audit Skills of Quality Assurance

  • Recognising and Responding to Domestic Family Violence

  • Counselling Interview Skills

  • Counselling Theories

  • Responsible Ethical Counselling

  • Facilitating the counselling Process

 Other Relevant Certifications:
  • National Criminal Check

  • Working with Children

  • Justice of the Peace

When you say “ I have anxiety, depression, weight, I can’t get motivated , my business is stuck , 
I fear  Life itself “……I hear You !